“The balance of power is ever-shifting in Daniel Irizarry’s thrillingly kaleidoscopic, boldly physical world-premiere production at Intar Theater, which puts two pairs of actors — one male, one female — in the title roles.” The Maids, The New York Time Critics Pick

“…This is an aggressively bodily, gleefully obnoxious, and gratifyingly maniacal take on Genet, complete with dance breaks and actors climbing on the ceiling (including Daniel Irizarry, who plays the maids’ boss and also directs). Audiences game for such wild impishness will find a production that positively gushes with superb physical comedy yet stays true to the spirit of the original.”  The Maids, The New Yorker .

“An absurdist classic roars back to life.”   -Helen Shaw, Time Out New York A Critic’s Pick in Time Out New York-

“One-Eighth’s suitable youthful, vital production of this new work is mature in its emotional depth, but explosive in its physicality. The actors are uncontrollable. They literally bounce off the ceiling. The cast is also well balanced in their skill and style, an essential element in a play about power dynamics. Being in INTAR’s intimate space with them firms up your muscles by proxy, a vital theatre experience that’s good for the blood, as well as the soul.” The Maids,Theatre is Easy best bet

“The Maids is by turns whimsical and dangerous. Itʼs uncertain whether the audience laughs out of amusement or discomfort. Social roles are not only reversed, but gutted open for observation. This writer prefers her theater that way.’ The Maids, Stage Buddy

“Mr. Irizarry, who also directed, pushes himself and the others to extremes by donning clownish clothes and dangling from bars above the set, and their wild energy blasts through any indecipherable moments.”  Ken Jaworowski,  The New York Times

“Director/actor/acrobat Daniel Irizarry keeps the pace speedy and dangerous as he leads the acrobatic, and hilarious ensemble, zipping through Ionesco’s The Lesson in a thrillingly funny and scarily contemporary adaptation by David Koteles.” Charles Quittner, Broadway World 

“…as director, Irizarry creates violent, athletic dance breaks. The adorable effect is Pee-wee’s Playhouse with an anticorporate agenda.” Helen Shaw, Time Out NY

“…it is refreshing to see a company embracing such an extremely alternative, yet important, school of theater.” JK Clarke, Theatre Pizzazz

“The players, the staging, the resilient and abused set, and energy levels calling for a drug bust are, and they combine to make for a dizzying and captivating time.” Jack Mauro, Stage Buddy 

“The cast is exquisite and expertly choreographed/directed by Mr. Irizarry who is reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr.” Suzanna Bowling, Time Square Chronicles

“For those who like to be challenged by theatre and for those who just want to shut off their brains and wrap themselves up in the fun, both will be satisfied by Teach, Teacher, Teachest. This professor gives it an A+.” David Lally, NYTheater Now

“Something that Ruth Maleczech of Mabou Mines spoke of often was the use of opposites: to find the most cheerful sounds in the most tragic moments, to find the humor in anger. In Teach, Teacher, Teachest, Irizarry, Rivera, and Kotes have created a funhouse lens to look at America’s contractions with.” Matthew Paul Olmos, New York Theatre Review

“I’m so glad I got to see UBU at INTAR Theatre. I was blown away by Daniel Irizarry’s work and the crazy energy and quality of this production. I haven’t had that much fun in the theatre in a while. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Daniel Irizarry and One-Eight theater.” – Jose Rivera, Playwright

“Twisted and hilariously absurd, “Ubu” is a play that refuses to be ignored.” -Jan Rosenberg, Show Business Week-

“One would be tempted to call Ubu “punk rock,” except that there’s nothing “rock” about it. It is punk, though — punk classical theater, perhaps. And Irizarry as Ubu is our Henry Rollins: smart, outrageous and with something to say.” -JK Clarke, Theater Pizzazz

“Daniel is a fantastic theater artist- He deserves wider exposure and any good things that come his way!”  -Mabou Mines-

“Daniel was born to play UBU” -Andrei Serban, acclaimed Director and Professor-

“I witnessed Daniel’s  ‘“grand simulacrum”  ‘en sketch’, imploding in an atomic small space.. and urge you to take the oath of recruitment! and just say : regadantur! (as all those  that used to commit to ubu’s roman grand-grand-father enrollment ceremonie) and enroll to see  the show.” –Niky Wolcz, acclaimed Director, Actor, and Professor-

“Daniel Irizarry and Laura Butler Rivera are more than tribute, more than homage to Jerzy Grotowski. They embody the true meaning of his work. To give body and voice completely to the human condition that lives in a text without mediation between performer and audience is the essence of Grotowski. In this pure form of theater I find no finer performers working today.” -Terry O’Reilly, Artistic Director of Mabou Mines-

“Irizarry wrestles Power’s script to the floor by grounding everything in the intensely physical, and it’s near impossible to look away.” –nytheatre.comreview of The Proposal by Ricardo Hinojosa-

“Irizarry’s singular stage presence and the production’s beautifully grotesque little world make this particular point in the great expanding universe worth a good look.” -Olivia Jane Smith on Adam Szymkowicz’s UBU presented by terraNOVA for the soloNOVA Arts Festival-

“Both performers stunning and minutely specific physical control is consistent and equally impressive throughout the performance.” -Jody Christopherson on The Orphans at La MaMa Theater review

“… everything significant is conveyed through graceful, stylized, and seemingly gravity-defying movement. The centerpiece is a sensitive but erotically charged pas de deux that affirms both the humanity at the story’s center and the pleasure of watching beautiful bodies in motion.” -Backstage review for The Orphans at La MaMa Theatre by A.J. Mell-

“Cho H Cho’s director, writer and producer Daniel Irizarry also plays one of the main characters (Roi). He is a gifted artist with a lifetime of experience in physical theatre. His choreography for the “Dance of the Amputees” is incredible, as is a human staircase where the ensemble literally walks on top of each other. Laura Butler Rivera (Joan), who doubles as assistant director, looks like a young Imogene Coco and gives an equally impressive performance […] yet the best part of Cho H Cho is the concept itself: humor and intelligence blended with the acrobatic and artistic to make meaningful economic and social commentary. Cho H Cho is outrageous theatre to be enjoyed now and analyzed later.”    – review of Cho H Cho by Cate Cammarata-

“Ubu is a monster of mammoth size and ravenous appetite, sort of like the Tasmanian Devil on steroids, by way of Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote.” – review of UBU by Martin Denton-

Actor reviews

“Strong, convulsive, animal-like movement of Daniel Irizarry as the dybbuk..” -Review for Betrothed by Anne Midgette, New York  Times.-

“Stealing the show, however, is Daniel Irizarry who plays the Dybbuk through whom Chonen tries to possess Leah. Irizarry’s physical performance is nothing less than astonishing.” –Review for Betrothed by Barbara and Scott Siegel, THEATERMANIA.

“Standout performances are offered by Daniel Irizarry in his portrayal of both an impertinent and impotent Magistrate and lovesick Cinesias.” –Review for Lysistrata al La MaMa ETC by Rebecca Bernard, Show Business.-

“…Daniel Irizarry who plas the put-upon Magistrate in a delightfully over-the-top screech.” –Review for Lysistrata at La MaMa ETC  by Jon Sobel, BC Blogcritics.-

“The one actor without a mask is the scene stealing, agile of body and voice Daniel Irizarry playing a trio of roles. One of which is a midget (played on his knees) with humor, amazing grace and style.”  –Review for Lysistrata at La MaMa ETC by Oscar E. Moore for Talk Entertainment.-

“…But it is Laura Butler and Daniel Irizarry whose work in The Constant Prince is extraordinary. Their chemistry and choreography are magnetic. I found myself completely wrapped up in their voices and movement. Irizarry is an amazingly agile dancer and his delivery of the final monologue is extremely moving even if you don’t understand a word of Spanish.” –Review for Apocalipsis Cum Figuris and The Constant Prince, by Richard Hinojosa,

“Irizarry plays various roles, dancing with athleticism and heartbreaking delicacy.” -Review for Rashomon by Andy Prost, Backstage.-

“…Intentia regizorului este admirabil servita de Daniel Irizarry, actor total: balerin, luptator, yoghin, mim, dansator (oglinda regizorului) – imbinand expresia trupului in metamorfoza psihologica declansata de iminenta sfarsitului tragic.”  -Review for The Constant Prince by Carmen Firan, Rumania Libera Newspaper. NYC & Berlin.-

“My Master used to say: “To love your Character is vital, but  more important is the moment when your Character starts to take interest, accept   and to love you too!”  UBU asks for a rigorous closeness to Style, a specific Theaterstyle ,and this is what Daniel and Laura, always  finding the right dialogue with their character, possessed;  In a  fanatic way.” –Niky Wolcz, acclaimed Director, Actor, and Professor.-

Irizarry fills every inch of the stage with his fluid and acrobatic movement. His rhythm and intensity crescendos to a feverish pitch. Finally he is moved to a place of personal violence, physically torturing himself as he assumes gestures of Christ-like persecution. Amidst the storm of emotion and energy on stage, Irizarry’s physical control remains—a testament to his technique. –Article for The Constant Prince by Meg Araneo, Slavic and East European Performance.-

“The Constant Prince is an intensely emotional exercise in ecstatic asceticism. This time we find ourselves in the realm of Grotowsky’s “poor theater”, where an extraordinarily gifted actor (Daniel Irizarry) displays a formidable physical and verbal intensity through movement, acrobatics and fanatical devotion to the spirit of the play.” -Peter Rado, Columbia University, The Constant Prince, NYC & Berlin.-

“..Asylum Seekers features a solid ensemble cast, with standout performances by Daniel Irizarry as the disturbingly quirky and repressed Dr. Raby.” -‘Asylum Seekers’ Movie Review by Richard Propes, The Independent Critic-

“Irizarry was particularly effective in his performance of Dr. Raby who is the most outrageous character in the film.”  -‘Asylum Seekers’ Review by Travis Keune, We Are Movie Geeks.-